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    GPS technology at its best. Let your servers download jobs on their phones send over service information through our mobile app. 

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    One Price Gets ALL Features. Absolutely ALL-IN! Enjoy all features available in both versions (Windows and web-version) with no hidden and additional fees.

    Client Log In

    Clients can send you jobs, case information and documents and also prepay for service as well as pay existing invoices.


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    Create jobs and process documents

    Dynamic case and job screen features for fast job creation. Customizable affidavits, sendaways, workorders and invoices. We can also customize documents for you. More

    Communicate and Collaborate

    Send emails to your clients and automatically notify them of job status and activities.  Let them send you documents faster and communicate through an internal messaging system. 


    Generate Reports

    Pull up activity reports, commission reports, case status reports, court case expiration by server, documents scanned, all open jobs, jobs on hold, completed jobs by range, client status reports and much more. 


    Billing and Invoicing

    Bill your clients and create invoices faster from your job or case screen. Invoices are customisable. Check all open invoices, accounts receivable, approved and unapproved charges, etc. Integrate Quickbooks to your LDMax. 


    Batch Functions

    Save time. Do various actions on multiple jobs with just a few clicks. Batch assign to server, add and approve charges, add commission, assign due date, apply pre-payments, batch completion, etc.


    Extensive Support

    Our friendly and approachable customer service and tech support team are always available for you to help you. We do one-on-one trainings and ensure that you are taken care of.


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